Chole D

Every now and then you meet someone who is doing exactly what they are meant to do. That is Jill and her relationship with muscles. Since I started seeing Jill in 2013, my posture has changed, how I stretch has changed, and mostly how I react to my body has changed. Jill doesn’t just help sore misplaced muscles, she fixes how we react to them. Instead of just knowing my foot aches, I know that I have been standing improperly; why do I know this? Jill works on a muscle group she will explain the connections. My feet were sore because I used to tilt my hip when I would stand normal. Nobody ever bothered to ask me how I stand. With Jill, not only does your body get an adjustment but your relationship and how you treat your body changes. I feel better, have a better understanding of what I can do to keep myself feeling great in-between sessions

Missy N

Sandy S

That was the best massage I’ve ever had! I feel great and my shoulder’s range of motion has increased dramatically. Thanks Jamshands!